About Steve Barclay Taxidermy

I offer a full taxidermy service. I can relate to the thrill of the hunt having shot my first deer at age 13 in the Hokonuis. I have been a keen hunter ever since. I am an admirer of wildlife and the outdoors.

Having been fascinated with Taxidermy for as far back as I can remember, I persevered in learning the art with the encouragement of my family. I started Taxidermy as a hobby in the shed at home and have graduated to the large studio I now own in Mangaweka.

I have had the good fortune of working with top artists from NZ, USA and Australia. This has helped me in developing my own individual style of Taxidermy which has become sought after by clients world-wide.

I welcome all visitors to my large showroom and studio to view my work and discuss your Taxidermy requirements.

Overseas Hunters:
Seriously consider having your New Zealand trophies mounted here in NZ by Steve Barclay Taxidermy. I work on NZ species all year round. You will benefit by having your NZ trophy mounted using NZ forms, sculpted here in NZ, by NZ Taxidermist/Sculptors.
Check out the huge range of forms available to my clients.

If you have a Taxidermy requirement, please phone
me to discuss your options.
There is absolutely no limit on artistic and creative
poses for your trophies.

Skinning Game Heads For Wallmounts