Skinning Game Heads For Wallmounts

The most common mistake made by hunters removing a cape is not allowing enough skin behind the shoulders to work with. Proper field care on the hunter's part ensures a good job performed by the Taxidermist. Try to avoid shooting a potential mount in the head. The damage done by the bullet is hard, if not impossible to repair.

  1. Do not cut the animals throat.
  2. Make all cuts neat and accurate as possible
  3. The first cut is down along the spine starting between the ears.
  4. Then go around the circumference of the animal followed by around the leg joint, up the back of the leg and across to the circumference cut as shown.
  5. Neatly skin off body starting at the back and work your way forward.
    Don't pull at the skin.
  6. Severe the head off at the neck joint.
  7. Once off, lay out to cool off for 10 minutes.
  8. Most Taxidermists prefer to skin out the face themselves.