Steve Barclay Taxidermy offers you:

  • Work of a very high standard & quality
  • Mounts with only the highest quality of materials used
  • A realistic mount at a reasonable price
  • Mounts for sale
  • Head skins bought
  • Contact with some of New Zealand's top hunting guides and Safari
    Hunting Parks
  • Agent for wild life and outdoor art works. Some art on display
  • Douglas Scoring and S.C.I. Measuring of trophies available
  • Reasonable turn-around time

Steve Barclay Taxidermy specialises in:

  • Life size mounts
  • Shoulder mounts, half mounts, pedestal mounts
  • Small mammal and bird taxidermy
  • Fish taxidermy
  • Skin tanning
  • Expediting of overseas hunters' trophies
  • First class replacement head skins available for my clients
  • Extremely life-like work featuring artistic and creative poses